Water Treatment Plants

Watertec designs and produces water treatment pants for potable water supply, process water as well as for treatment of polluted process water for recirculation or other using. The following technologies are part of our systems:

  • Filtration (sand- / gravel filter, cartridge filter, bag filter, etc.)
  • Adsorption (activated carbon, ion exchanger, etc.)
  • Ion-exchange (cation- / anion- / mixed-bed-exchanger)
  • Mineralising (deacidification,, enrichment of RO-permeate)
  • Membrane filtration (micro- / ultra- / nano-filtration and reverse osmosis)
  • Disinfection (by uv-light, chlorine dioxide, ozone, etc.)
  • Chemical-physical process technology (neutralisation, detoxification, flocculation)

Such plants are normally dimensioned according to a raw water analysis and to customers demand. All systems could be designed alternatively as container plants ready for connection and primary tested. These version might be interesting at footprint reasons or to save civil works. The flow rate ranges from laboratory plants to large-scale process plants > 100 m³/day. Already existing equipment and customers performance can be involved at the best possible rate. Our customers are companies from all branches of industry, municipalities, hotels, restaurants, motorway service areas, farms, private individuals etc.

Some typical applications:

  • general treatment of surface water / river water / sea water
  • general treatment of well water
  • general treatment of process water for industrial or domestic use
  • removal of particles, suspended load, lime, iron, manganese, phosphate, nitrate, bacteria (legionellas etc.), virus, etc.
  • desalination of brackish water / deacidification of well water
  • treatment of boiler feed water (demineralisation, filtration)
  • treatment of cooling water (conditioning, filtration)
  • production of ultra pure water for chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic and CD-/ DVD-industry
  • recirculation of rinse water from surface technology and electroplating industry
  • concentration of filter rinse water (potable water production, swimming pools, etc.) by membrane filtration
  • final treatment of clear water from biological sewage plants up to bath water quality or for use as irrigation.

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