Sea water desalination

Design and construction of a sea water desalination plants depends on the TDS, the water analysis and the purity of the available sea water, which means that each plant must be designed individually and constructed accordingly. In this case, the cost of the plant and the water it produces will be considerably high.

It is possible to find standard plants fitting this purpose at more favourable prices,although standard plants are generally to be considered as a compromise solution only.
Watertec also offers standard plants at favourable prices, however our customers do not need to make any compromises.

According to the customers requirements a standard design can be selected out of our delivery program and modified without any additional costs in order to match the individual conditions.
Furthermore, Watertec is prepared to design and construct a desalination plant stretching beyond the standard program to meet all requirements of private and industrial sectors.

Our standard program for sea water desalination comprises the following series with a product water outlet range from 5 m3/d up to 500 m3/d.

SW-S capacity 5 - 45 m3/d
SW-M capacity 50 - 500 m3/d

Plants with higher capacity will be designed and constructed separately.
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